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  • Easy montage.
  • Provides quality optics.
  • Its aperture size supports maximum exploration of the night sky.
  • Good price-quality ratio.


  • It requires delicate maintenance.
  • There is need to upgrade the eyepieces after using the telescope for a considerable period.


This affordable telescope is designed to offer the user quality views, and its power and unique features justify the value of money spent to acquire it.

The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is designed to be used by aspiring, or amateur, astronomers. It belongs to the Powerseeker series of Telescopes manufactured by Celestron.

A review of Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker telescope is provided below. But first, a short summary of the product is provided so that you can understand its benefits and thus appreciate the need to know more about it, and hence proceed to the review section below.


Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker telescope is specially designed to make amateur astronomy fun and engaging. It can be used by the entire family.

The mains benefits, or pros, of this telescope are:

  • Easy montage.
  • Provides quality optics.
  • Its aperture size supports maximum exploration of the night sky.
  •  Good price-quality ratio.

On the other hand, the main demerits, or cons, of this telescope are:

  • It requires delicate maintenance.
  • There is need to upgrade the eyepieces after using the telescope for a considerable period.

The most appropriate verdict for this product can be summarized as follows. This affordable telescope is designed to offer the user quality views, and its power and unique features justify the value of money spent to acquire it.

Full technical specifications

 Optical Tube Info:
 Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
 Aperture (mm) 127 mm (5 in)
 Focal Length 1000 mm (39 in)
 Focal Ratio 7.87
 Focal Length of Eyepiece 1 (mm) 20 mm (0.79 in)
 Magnification of Eyepiece 1 50 x
 Focal Length of Eyepiece 2 (mm) 4 mm (0.16 in)
 Magnification of Eyepiece 2 250 x
 Barlow Lens 3 x
 Finderscope 5x24
 Mount Info:
 Mount Type German Equatorial
 Accessory Tray No-Tool Tray with Eyepiece holder
 Tripod Aluminum
 Highest Useful Magnification 300 x
 Lowest Useful Magnification 18 x
 Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13
 Resolution (Rayleigh) 1.1 arc seconds
 Resolution (Dawes) 0.91 arc seconds
 Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye) 329 x
 Apparent Field of View 0.8 °
 Linear Field of View (@1000 yds) 43 ft (13 m)
 Secondary Mirror Obstruction 1.6 in (41 mm)
 Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter 32%
 Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area 10%
 Optical Coatings Aluminum
 Optical Tube Length 20 in (508 mm)
 Warranty 2-year Telescope Warranty


The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker telescope is a portable product that features a compact design. It can be mounted on cars or trucks, and can therefore be used during camping or picnic tours. It can be setup easily as it only requires minor assembly, and this is due to its no-tool setup feature. Its technical details are described below.

This lightweight product weighs 17 pounds and measures 11 by 17 by 33 inches. However, its shipping weight is 26 pounds due to the additional accessories that are shipped together with the telescope.

Its minimum magnification is 18X, and its optical design features a Newtonian Reflector and a 127mm aperture. Its aperture modes range from 100mm to 150mm. The focal length is 1000mm, and the focal ratio is 7.87. It has two eyepieces. Eyepiece 1 has a focal length of 20mm, and its magnification value is 50X; and Eyepiece 2 has a focal length of 4mm this gives it a magnification capability of 250X. It also has a Barlow lens that offers magnification of 3X. These three lenses offer a combined magnification power that is hundreds of times better than those of binoculars. Moreover, it incorporates a Finderscope.

The length of the optical tube is 20 inches. Aluminum is used in all optical coatings. It has a secondary mirror obstruction of 1.6 inches, which translates to an obstruction by area value of 10.2 percent. Its limiting stellar magnitude is 13, and it has a light gathering power of 329X while its angular field of view is 0.8 degrees.

It has a German Equatorial mount, and its aluminum tripod provide steady support. The accessory tray contains the No-Tool Tray along with its Eyepiece holder. The CD ROM contains an educational astronomy software called the Sky Level 1.

Who is suitable to use this telescope?

This telescope is suitable for amateur astronomers or beginners in the field of astronomy. Likewise, it is also fit for use by intermediate astronomers. Therefor as you advance, there will not be a need to buy a new model unless you wish to move on to significantly more expensive professional models.

Also, due to its high degree of user-friendliness, the Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker telescope can be used by children, and parents can purchase it as a gift for their children who have shown interest in exploring the night sky.

How it Functions

The telescope must be assembled first before it can be used. The basics of a how a fully assembled 127EQ PowerSeeker telescope works is described below.

The telescope is first directed to the object of focus in the night sky. The light from this object then travels into the telescope, where the light rays strike the primary convex lens, which bends and refracts the light rays thus focusing the light onto the secondary lens. The primary lens is described as the objective lens. The second lens is the secondary lens, and is also called the focusing lens because it focuses the lights rays from the primary lens, before allowing it to reach the eye of the observer. This way, the observer can get a sharp and clear image of the object being viewed.

Price versus benefits and features

Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope offers a perfect combination of power, price, and quality. Its optical glass components are coated, and this improves the brightness and clarity of images viewed through the telescope. Likewise, its superb optical performance, user-friendliness, and portability makes it suitable for studying basic astronomy.

The average retail price of this telescope is USD150; and manufacturer Celestron sells it for USD145 through Amazon. In the retail market, its price can range from USD200 (for a brand new product) to USD100 (for a second-hand piece). So, if you want at some point to sell it, you could get reasonable price.

Its price to quality ratio renders this telescope as an affordable telescope that offers quality service that far exceeds its price tag. It is even described as a crossing telescope as its features suit beginner level astronomy as well as intermediate level astronomy. It is one of the best selling models in it’s price range.

Sample video

This amazing video is recorded using this 127EQ, unfortunately video resolution is somewhat low as camera used is low resolution web cam, so it does not fully show all capabilities of 127EQ model. If you connect HD camera, you will be able to record amazing footage of Moon and other celestial objects!

Astrophotography using Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker

These stunning photos taken by actual users shows clearly that this model is perfectly suitable also for astrophotography.

What customers say?

There is over 800 customer reviews who have purchased this product. A purview of customer reviews in Amazon shows that most customers are satisfied with the services offered by the product, and most praise it for its long lifespan, and low maintenance costs. Some customers really appreciate the view of the moon offered by the telescope, and they praise it for allowing them to clearly see the landscape of the moon, including its craters. The moon and the planet Jupiter and Saturn fascinate a lot of budding amateurs.

Customers also praise the telescope for allowing them to see the satellites of planet Jupiter, and some customers also state that they can clearly see the equatorial strips of Jupiter. Other customers affirm that the telescope allows them to have a good view of Saturn, including its rings.

It is therefore evident that Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker telescope is suitable for both astrophotography and astronomy.


Like all products made by Celestron, the 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope has a product guarantee in the form of a warranty. Its warranty is valid for a period of 2 years since the date of purchase. It is therefore important that you purchase this product from authorized sellers such as Amazon (Celestron sells this at the best price directly through Amazon) as this ensures that you obtain a valid warranty.

Final words

The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is a quality telescope that offers superb performance for its price category. This model combines simplicity in design with powerful features to offer a simple-to-use, yet powerful, telescope that can satisfy the needs of amateur, budding, and intermediate astronomers. Also, its cost makes it affordable to any budding astronomer. Therefore, its price-quality ratio makes it one of the best telescopes available in the market. If you are a budding astronomer, or an amateur astronomer, who wants to explore the marvels, beauty, and mysteries of the night sky; you should consider acquiring a Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope.

The new telescope comes with Astronomy Software download with a 10,000 object database, printable sky maps and 75 enhanced images.

This product is winner of multiple awards and ratings, for example: Good Telescope For Beginners rating, Best Telescope For Beginners Award, Best Beginner Telescope 2017, Best Amateur Telescope voted by users, and Best Starter Telescope nomination.

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