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Astronomy can be both fun and intriguing. It can keep oneself busy for hours at a stretch. The universe holds many mysteries which are yet unknown to man. The size of space cannot be fathomed and astronomers find regularly new asteroids and solar bodies which were never discovered before. Even amateur astronomer can make significant new discoveries which are unknown for the whole mankind! Everyone can learn a lot about the wonders of the solar system, the stars that exist and all the mysteries they carry with them.

Astronomy as a hobby is very exciting and fun. The sky and space are filled with astronomical wonders and questions which are still waiting to be answered. Beginners will be thrilled with the endless of possibilities they could stumble upon while gazing at the sky. The whole sky has about a billion particles flying from one point in space to the other. Also sometimes other celestial bodies and planets come in our line of sight.

The sky is a wonderful treasure chest which is filled with all kinds of astronomical bodies and mysteries waiting to be found out. All you need to do is just to look up at the sky. On a clear night sky, you will be able to see stars. These stars form constellations and with a little knowledge you can easily find out what type of constellation is present in the sky.

Setting up your hobby

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You can set up your astronomy hobby in your backyard or terrace. Be sure to be updated & aware about celestial events such as meteorites, meteor showers, planets, eclipses, and comets. There are present a lot of comets which arrive on certain dates. You should gather all the knowledge required about these astronomical events prior to getting started. Look up the internet and familiarize yourself with the names of the planets and their appearance. You can also keep a chart handy with you. Learn some astronomical lingo and terms. Make yourself familiar with all the planets that are present and the order in which they appear.

Read also as many books as you can find on astronomy. This helps you in recognizing celestial bodies faster.

Astronomy is fun but requires patience and knowledge

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While astronomy can be carried out with the naked eye, things get better with a little magnification. Familiarize yourself with the use of binoculars and lenses. You can also opt to buy a beginner’s telescope if you want. It is usually recommended that you start with a pair of binoculars for astronomy and slowly move up to a telescope.

Binoculars will help you get familiar with different types of lenses and magnification levels present. They also help to provide a wide angle of view. Astronomy can be a really rewarding and fascinating past time if you put time and effort into it. Also, you need patience. Celestial bodies have their own time of appearance and usually last for a few minutes to a couple of hours.

Telescopes and binoculars help

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Telescopes come in different types and forms. Their price varies greatly, Beginner lens will be much cheaper than an advanced one. Some telescopes cost thousands of dollars. Before you buy a telescope you should be familiar with magnification and the lens which come into use. Be sure to read out telescope buying guide, if you are considering telescope.

There are available a lot of different types of telescopes. Know what your main aim is before buying a one. If you just want to look at nearby planetary bodies and stars, a basic one will get the job done. However, if you wish to view outside the earth’s horizon, you will need a much more powerful model with high quality lenses and technology. You should also know how to maintain and prepare an astronomical calendar and get updated about upcoming solar events.

Choosing perfect place for stargazing

Choosing the right spot for your astronomy hobby also matters. You can prefer to set up your apparatus in your room, backyard or even terrace. You can also gaze at the sky from a nearby hill or rooftop. Elevated positions will help in magnifying the view much more. Consider also attending to star parties, those are great places to learn and view wonders of the universe with others.

Astronomy is very exciting and rewarding. After all watching celestial bodies unnoticeable to many is really fun. Maintain your journals for dates and events and find out more online about upcoming events. Putting time and patience into it will surely help you achieve that level of proficiency that you desire.

Hopefully, you found some helpful ideas from this post! If you have any questions or comments about starting astronomy hobby, please leave a reply below!

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